Coming Month...

Lots of fun and hard work I can foresee in July.

3 boat trips, 15 shows by Zuni, and new pole dance class I will join. If I still got spare time, I must go wakeboarding.

After knowing some great and professional wakeboard players last week, my wakeboard mood is back (well, actually it's always there but I just don't have my wallet loaded for it). I must find ways to make more time, and of course, more money to do it.

For the pole dance, it is a really good investment for women, no matter for health, body shaping, buidling self confidence and many other purpose that you can think of, or can't think of. After all, men are more or less the same. (well, not the brokeback type I guess)

But the most important thing is that I have to stay healthy for all of these activities. My stomach is not that good recently. I suffered from diahrea for 3 days this week. Just hope that for the coming month I'll be Genki!